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What is Hemodialysis?

The word hemo means blood. During hemodialysis treatment blood is pumped outside the body through a dialyzer that acts like an artificial kidney. This device removes the extra fluids and wastes and returns the clean blood to the body.

In hemodialysis, your blood is allowed to flow, through a machine with a special filter that removes wastes and extra fluids. The clean blood is then returned to your body. Removing the harmful wastes and extra salt and fluids helps control your blood pressure and keep the proper balance of chemicals like potassium and sodium in your body.(Learn more: niddk.nih.gov)

The time needed for your dialysis depends on the following:

  • how well your kidneys work
  • how much fluid weight you gain between treatments
  • how much waste you have in your body
  • how big you are
  • the type of artificial kidney used

CKC-ST-Croix-250x150Usually, each hemodialysis treatment lasts about four hours and is done three times per week.


In-Center Hemodialysis

Most hemodialysis treatments take place at a dialysis center. The patient has to travel to the center on a set schedule. At the center, a staff of nurses and techncians perform the treatment. The patient is responsible for coming to the center for scheduled treatments, taking prescribed medicines, and following diet and fluid restrictions.