§ 340-777-ESRD (3773) St. Thomas | § 340-778-ESRD (3773) St. Croix

nutritionAs in any other chronic disease, what you eat is important when you are on hemodialysis. Many nutrients are restricted, like sodium/salt and fluids, due to the kidney disease. Other nutrients that are restricted include phosphorus and potassium….those may not be as familiar.

When you are confused about what to eat, and perhaps combine that with a decrease in your appetite poor nutrition is a result. That is why your Registered Dietitian Nutritionist is an important part of your care team. A Registered Dietitian Nutritionist is an expert in the field of nutrition and can help you make the right choices as they relate to the foods you eat.

Here at the Caribbean Kidney Center, your Registered Dietitian Nutritionist has been practicing in the Caribbean for twenty years. When you meet with her, she will find out what foods you like and who prepares the foods. Do you like to eat mango, breadfruit and okra but are unsure if you still can while on dialysis? Are you a vegetarian and unsure how this will work with a diet for kidney disease? These are examples of questions that your Registered Dietitian Nutritionist can answer for you.

Our Registered Dietician Nutritionist also prepares and presents ongoing educational programs and nutritional tips for our patients and assists in the emergency planning process so you are as prepared as possible in the event of a Hurricane or other emergency.